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A Turkey Day Message from Your Pastor

For many of us Thanksgiving, this year, returns to some sense of normalcy. While for others isolation, illness, pain, loss, pandemic as well as economic fear continue. And yet, once again as a nation we pause and give thanks… yes thanks that we have survived, supported each other, our community and our parish family for which I – along with Deacon Frank, Fr. Bob, and Dobby the Church Cat – are deeply and prayerfully grateful. Your love, caring, concern, prayerfulness, support, encouragement, determination, beautiful and encouraging messages are humbling – and instill hope for us to continue to band together and continue as a parish family – trusting that God’s loving care will help us get through any triumph or tragedy. My prayerful Turkey Table wish is that the source of luminous grace that you are to us and our parish family be returned to you and your loved ones many times over. And, that this Holiday Season brings continued gratitude, peace hope, comfort and God’s continued Light to shine and evaporate any darkness that envelopes us. I hope the following quotes bring a sense of hopeful gratitude to your turkey table: “Praise God even when you don’t understand what He is doing. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Give thanks for unknown Blessings already on their way!” Enjoy the calorie-free feast! Don’t let anyone or anything ruffle your feathers! Deacon Frank, Fr. Bob, Dobby the Church Cat and I prayerfully and lovingly wish every Blessing to garnish your feast!  

~ Fr. Jerry

The history of Saint John the Baptist

November 21, 2021
Jn 18:3b-37

Career aptitude

     Oh how we love questionnaires. Whether it’s a love compatibility quiz or an IQ assessment, we adore tallying up our scores. Find a quiz in your favorite magazine and it’s almost impossible to resist circling the answers. Why? Hope. Hope that the answers to life’s big questions can be found if we break them into a dozen smaller questions. Consider the aptitude tests we rely on in school and employment agencies. Why struggle with choosing a career path? How much easier to check a few boxes, circle a few multiple choice answers and presto! Your future career is decided.

     But all the test scores in the world won’t reveal our real vocation on earth. No matter what hat we wear from 9 to 5, each of is called to the same purpose. Like Jesus, we are born “to testify to the truth”, sharing God’s love and salvation with whomever we meet. It’s our job, and if we don’t do it, it simply won’t get done. Still not convinced? Try answering these two simple questions: 1. Are you alive? 2. Are you a Christian? If you answered more than one yes, a satisfying career spreading the gospel is waiting for you. 

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Our faith community of St. John the Baptist, founded on the word of God; welcomes all with charity and love….both the strong of Spirit and those who search. As part of the Universal Church, we acknowledge that God has uniquely blessed everyone with abundant gifts. We celebrate the differences that make all of us equal in the eyes of the Lord….using our blessings to provide all who join us in Eucharist with a heart-felt sense of family and communion. For the Lord has brought you to our door….you are a stranger here but once.