September 23, 2018

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Flowers on the Altar this weekend are donated in memory of Stacey Feddock offered by Mom and Dad.



Prayerful Congrats: We’re Humbly Proud of our Catechists who received the following awards: Michelle Bedosky, Jennifer Borino, Jim Borino, Megan Brody, Marty Gabel, Jessica Lee, Kristen Majikes, Mary Ellen Novick, Toni Shrawder, Kyle Toporcer, Charity Udzella & Karen Washicosky, who received the St. Martha Associate Award; Holi Heffron & Rachel Kester, who received the St. John Neumann Award; and Jill Antall, Mary Gabel, Debbie Kester, Lucy Singer & Judy Toporcer, who received the St. Pius X Award.


Blessing of Animals in honor of St. Francis will be held on Saturday, October 6th at 10AM (rain or shine) in our parking lot. Please have all dogs on a leash, cats in carriers, other animals (rodents, reptiles, snakes, bird, etc…) in cages. Thanks for keeping all of God’s Creatures safe!




Deepest Prayerful Gratitude to Rose Feddock, Annette Yaglowski and all who decorated the church and assisted in providing a scrumditily-umptious breakfast for our catechists and their assistants!

Novena to St. Theresa – begins on Sunday, September 23rd after 8AM Mass, and continues after Saturday’s 4PM and weekday Masses, to her feast day of October 1st.

Volunteer/s Needed to Open Church on Sunday Mornings at 7AM. Your assistance is deeply appreciated by calling 570-779-9620.

Snow Removal Service/Company Wanted: A Paid Position (for Church, Rectory & Parking Lot)… to provide prompt snow removal treatment service to ensure proper cleaning for our parish schedule. Please Note: we have snow removal equipment on the premises. Interested person/company is asked to please call 570-779-9620 for detailed information. Thank You!

Faith Formation / Ministry

  • Classes will be held as usual this week.
  • Substitute Teachers and Aides are needed for our Faith Formation Program. Please call the rectory office (570-779-9620) if you are able to volunteer. Thank You!
  • Confirmation Retreat: Those students who are receiving Confirmation in October are reminded that the Confirmation retreat is scheduled for September 29th from 12PM to 4PM in our Church Hall.


The next class will be held on Monday, October 1st at 7PM in the church hall. If you are expecting or recently had a baby, please call the rectory office to register for this class.


Prayer Shawl Meeting and Work Session will be held this Thursday, September 27th at 6PM in the church hall. All are invited and welcome to join our ministry. If someone you know needs a prayer shawl please contact the rectory. If you aren’t able to attend a meeting, but want to donate a lap robe, shawl or afghan, please contact the rectory office. Thanks!


If you aren’t able to make an afghan, monetary donations are most welcome and appreciated. They can be made via collection basket (place in an envelope marked “Yarn/Afghans”) or sent to the rectory office. Thank You for helping us to help others.

Blessing of Prayer Shawls will be held during the 10:15AM Mass this weekend.

Visits to the Sick & Homebound – If you or a relative are admitted to a hospital, please notify the Admissions Office that you are a member of St. John’s Parish, Larksville. If admitted to Geisinger Hospital, you also need to the notify the rectory if you would like a visit. Also, please make sure that the patient signs the Hippa form. This is necessary so that when we contact the hospital we know who from our parish is a patient. We cannot visit a patient with referrals other than family members. Relatives also need to call the Rectory, when the patient is admitted, to inform us of anyone admitted to a nursing home, rehabilitation center or hospital so we can visit them. Thanks for helping us to help others.

Rosary Rally will be held at our Prayer Garden on October 13th at 12PM. Every year, America Needs Fatima organizes thousands of Public Square Rosary Rallies all across our great nation to pray for America and the conversion of sinners as Our Lady of Fatima requested. All are invited to attend!



Putting others first is one of the greatest challenges in a world that places so much emphasis on being powerful. Americans, for the most part, pride themselves on being a “superpower.” Power, in and of itself, is not the problem. What can become problematic is the way that power is used. Our example of the perfect use of power, of course, is the Lord Jesus himself. Fully human and fully divine, the Lord put all the power that had been given to him at the service of others. Unfortunately, when one hears comments such as “he is a very powerful man” or “it is a very powerful country,” one usually thinks of people or countries that use power to place themselves above apparently weaker people or places. The Gospel is a challenge to turn this notion on its head. We have each been given much power – the power flowing from Christ – in our baptism. Today we are called to use this power to place the needs of others before our own.