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  • Due to the ongoing health crisis, as announced by our Diocese and Governor, everything is suspended until further notice.
  • Rectory Office is closed until further notice. In case of anyone needing a priest, please leave your name & phone # with our Answering Service. Phone calls and emails will be monitored regularly.
  • Mass Intentions are being satisfied by Fr. Jerry in private. Public Worship is not permitted.
  • – Our 4PM Saturday Mass will be streamed live on Facebook each Saturday and can be viewed on our website beginning on Sunday.
  • Faith Formation Reminder: during this crisis, our Faith Formation Director, Rachel Kozich, and our Catechists have contacted their classes regarding instruction. The celebration of First Holy Communion will be postponed until a later date and Confirmation may also be at a later date.

Together with prayer and God’s Grace, we make these adjustments and trust in the Resurrection

July 5, 2020
Mr. 11:25-30

Who wants to be an ox?

Some animal comparisons are easier to bear than others. The Bible says we’re sheep, ok we’re sheep, fluffy trusting little followers. Jesus calls us children, well we can bear being sweet innocent, tender hearts. But when Jesus calls us to accept his yoke, our mind conjures up a lumbering ox, trudging along and our heels dig in. Who wants to be called an ox?

You do. Oxen are loyal, working with infinite patience, uncomplaining, trusting their master for food and shelter. Oxen don’t quibble over the choice of yoke-mates, or the field they’re given to tread. They simply accept the yoke and walk where the Master leads. What better example could we follow as Christians, than these humble, yielding, hard workers?  So stop those struggles to reach the winner’s circle at the Derby or the Best in Show slot at Westminster. Slide over a stall in the stable and try out an oxen lifestyle. You may find yourself closer to the manger than ever before. 

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Our faith community of St. John the Baptist, founded on the word of God; welcomes all with charity and love….both the strong of Spirit and those who search. As part of the Universal Church, we acknowledge that God has uniquely blessed everyone with abundant gifts. We celebrate the differences that make all of us equal in the eyes of the Lord….using our blessings to provide all who join us in Eucharist with a heart-felt sense of family and communion. For the Lord has brought you to our door….you are a stranger here but once.