Our faith community of St. John the Baptist, founded on the word of God; welcomes all with charity and love….both the strong of Spirit and those who search. As part of the Universal Church, we acknowledge that God has uniquely blessed everyone with abundant gifts. We celebrate the differences that make all of us equal in the eyes of the Lord….using our blessings to provide all who join us in Eucharist with a heart-felt sense of family and communion. For the Lord has brought you to our door….you are a stranger here but once.

January 13, 2019
Luke 3:15-16, 21-22

The parable of Silly Putty

The Christian life has been likened to many things but Silly Putty? Remember the stretchy, rubbery compound that when flattened against your favorite comic strip and lifted, showed a copy of your favorite comic? You had to be careful though, or you’d end up with the wrong picture. Are you seeing the spiritual parallel yet? Maybe this will help.

It’s a matter of who (or what) we spend our time with. Spend time with bad company and it will soon reflect in your life. The same is true with godly company. When we press ourselves closely to Jesus and His Church here on earth, we’re bound to give off a more righteous impression. It’s like being a piece of spiritual silly putty – well, like John the Baptist for example. He stayed so close to God, pressed so firmly up to the Kingdom, that people mistook him for the Messiah. The silly putty of John’s spirit truly reflected the face of Christ. It’s a parable worth pondering this week. If the Kingdom of God is like silly putty, how closely am I pressed to Christ? If people peeled me off the page of faith today, who would they see?

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Baptism: Covenant, Call, Commission

Jesus’ baptism reminds us of the meaning of our own. Baptism helps us remember that we are part of the whole family of Christ. It begins a close personal relationship with God, but it doesn’t end there. Because of our baptism, we are called to reach out to other people in our congregation, and beyond the walls of the church. Baptism not only draws us in toward God, it sends us out to care for God’s people around the world. In our baptism, we are called beyond ourselves, just as Jesus was called beyond His heavenly home to seek us here on earth.