November 11, 2018
Mk 12:38-44

Mite-y faith

Nobody said life was fair. Some of us were born with the proverbial silver spoon. Others have to pay a toll at every fork in the road. But don’t worry if you have less to offer than the guy living on easy street. We’re not expected to keep up, just to keep on giving. Let me explain:

God knows each of us has different skills, abilities and fortunes in this life. So when He does His tally sheets, His books aren’t based on strict arithmetic. God is into higher math. He looks into our hearts, our hands, and yes, our wallets to see if what we give is equivalent, not equal. For those blessed with much, much is expected. For those not so blessed, God grades on the curve. He wants to see an equivalent amount of sacrifice, not an equal dollar or time amount. The widow’s mite in today’s lesson wasn’t equal to a governor’s tithe, but it was huge in comparison to her everyday earnings.

That’s the blessedness of our Father’s kingdom. He can make miracles happen with the smallest of gifts. All we have to do is remember this one truth: When is a little a lot? When it’s all you’ve got.

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Giving it all

Two mites, so who cares? It was just two coins in the offering plate, right?  But this tiny offering oddly reminds us of the woman  anointing Jesus with the an entire bottle of expensive perfume. In both cases what causes astonishment is the lavishness of the gift, the extraordinary gesture of giving not just part, but everything.  No thought of leaving a little aside for tomorrow, or for somebody else. No thought of the price. The lavishness of the gift, that is the essential point of the story. That is what moved Jesus so much. Consider these examples as you share your time and treasure with God this week. Are you giving correctly, generously… Or all??