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August 19, 2018
Jn 6:51-58

Baker’s dozen

Those of us fortunate enough to have grown up near a neighborhood bakery know all about the “baker’s dozen”. Buy a dozen rolls or donuts and the baker throws in a 13th for free. A little something extra special for valued customers. An nice old fashioned way to say, “thanks, and we appreciate you.”

Ever wonder if they got the idea from God? Think of the twelve tribes of Israel or the twelve disciples. What made the baker’s dozen? God Himself! When you have twelve tribes dedicated to God, well, you’ve really got a pretty impressive group. But just think about that “13th”. God and his angels, valued far above all the rest. The twelve disciples were truly extraordinary individuals. But Jesus was and is more than just another piece cut from the same loaf. He’s the ultimate heavenly treat waiting for the faithful who “buy the whole thing.”

Feeling unappreciated this week? Consider the special gift God has given you, His “baker’s dozen”. The true, eternal Bread of Life, just waiting for you to taste it.

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How to find real life

A wise man said that there is a God-sized vacuum in each of us. That’s why we feel empty until Christ comes to live in us. Indeed, we only find real life when the Life of Christ is allowed to pervade our lives. As we internalize Christ, as we receive Holy Communion, we find real, meaningful life, the life that truly fulfills us. A young Ukrainian, reared as an atheist and communist, kept wondering why he seemed so unfulfilled, so empty. Over the Voice of America he heard the music of Jesus Christ Superstar. The intriguing words compelled him and his girlfriend to learn more about Christ. Ultimately, they both became Christians: Today they are fulfilled, happy people who are active and productive members of Christ’s Church. Their “God-sized vacuum” is no more. Christ has filled it.