May 20, 2018
Jn 20:19-23


Big shoes to fill

Many a parent’s heart has filled with delight when a tiny figure clomps into the living room wearing oversized adult shoes. How adorable! We’re simultaneously amused and alarmed at this reminder that our children will all too soon face the harsh adult world. And our alarm grows at the sight of unwavering trust in those same small faces. Parenting is an awesome task and most of us feel not quite big enough to fill the shoes we’re already wearing.

The same doubt troubles our Christian life. Jesus left us all shoes a few sizes too big. Every day on earth He walked in mercy, love and peace, bringing healing and joy to all He met. Big shoes to fill indeed. Yet help is there just a prayer away. Our loving Parent will joyously help us grow into that extra-large spiritual footwear. Remember when Jesus said: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you”, He also empowered the disciples with the Holy Spirit. And that same Spirit will be there for us today, teaching us, growing us up in the faith until we can walk steadily in Jesus’ footsteps. Ready for a new pair of shoes? Slip `em on, start praying and get walking.

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The Spirit within

When we say, ‘In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit most of us get some images of God as Father and of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. But the Holy Spirit often leaves us baffled. Artists have depicted the Holy Spirit as a bird or as a flame from the sky. Rather than thinking of the Holy Spirit as descending on us try to see the Spirit as God dwelling within us and waiting to be released and spread throughout the world. With every kind act, word and thought, we awaken the Spirit in us, and then It spreads outward to others. We help keep the Spirit alive and active by consciously making daily efforts to serve and sanctify others. God’s Spirit of love and goodness will touch countless others – if we start with a single smile or simple act of kindness.