Our faith community of St. John the Baptist, founded on the word of God; welcomes all with charity and love….both the strong of Spirit and those who search. As part of the Universal Church, we acknowledge that God has uniquely blessed everyone with abundant gifts. We celebrate the differences that make all of us equal in the eyes of the Lord….using our blessings to provide all who join us in Eucharist with a heart-felt sense of family and communion. For the Lord has brought you to our door….you are a stranger here but once.

January 19, 2020
Jn 1:29-34

Part of the story

We are an information flooded society. With satellite communications and internet resources, the amount of data that we can access is staggering. We’ve gotten spoiled having all the facts at our fingertips. Before we buy a house or a stove, before we choose a career or a college, we want complete data, right now. Good for business, bad for faith.

When it comes to following God, we’re never going to see all the sides. He only gives us part of the story. When God sent John the Baptist out to preach the Messiah, God didn’t provide many details. In fact, John didn’t even know Jesus’ name. God said, “when you see the Spirit come down like a dove,” that’s the guy. So here was poor John, dedicated to preaching the coming of…er…. what’s his name. It took a lot of faith to go out and proclaim a physical Savior on earth, when he’d never seen Jesus’ face. But the lack of data didn’t stop John from trusting God, and doing what he needed to do. Is it stopping you today?

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Reading the signs

Like generations of Jews before him, John the Baptist grew up looking for the Messiah. Waiting, preparing his heart for the day God would send a Redeemer. But even as the “voice in the wilderness” John needed God’s guidance to recognize the Chosen One. He was given a sign: “On whomever you see the Spirit come down and remain, he is the one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit.” So John started on the long road of his ministry. He listened and heard God’s call to preach repentance, baptizing those who came with water. And John waited, watching for the sign, until the day his Messiah appeared on the banks of the Jordan.  His obedience and faithful reading of the signs enabled John to fulfill God’s promise in his life. Just like John we need to be faithful watchers today. Take a moment to ask yourself:  Have I heard God’s call to my special task in life? Am I busy on the banks of my Jordan? Am I watching for the coming of Jesus?