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July 23, 2017
Mt 13: 24-43

Growing up right

Most of us gain a sense of right and wrong in our childhood. We learn the rules of fair play, expecting others to respect the same standards. Unfortunately we soon learn that the world doesn’t play by those rules. People who lie or cheat get ahead, are rewarded for their bad behavior, while those with stronger moral codes are left behind. How can this be, we demand. When will they get their “comeuppance”?

Today’s gospel teaches that some wrong-doers will be left to flourish among the righteous. Those “weeds” are untouched so that the good plants nearby remain unharmed and come safely to harvest. As we grow together in the same fields we cannot see as God does. We are not capable of judging who should be weeded out and who is left till harvest. It becomes a test of our faith that some who do evil will be allowed to prosper. We must rest on God’s promise that even on the day of harvest He will be winnowing the fields, separating the wheat from the weeds. In His love and mercy, He will know best who has “grown up right” and who has not.

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God, The Gardener

Humanity is comprised of both good and evil which, like the wheat and weeds, must grow together until the harvest. Just as the servants in today’s reading pointed out the bad seed, we too quickly judge the worth of others without considering God’s mercy. Our self righteousness highlights other’s failings and blinds us to the fact that even on our best days “there remains an un-uprooted small corner of evil” in our own hearts. Take warning today! Leave the final judgment between good and evil to the Divine Gardener who will do the final sifting at His harvest. What we call wheat may well be weeds and vice-versa.