Our faith community of St. John the Baptist, founded on the word of God; welcomes all with charity and love….both the strong of Spirit and those who search. As part of the Universal Church, we acknowledge that God has uniquely blessed everyone with abundant gifts. We celebrate the differences that make all of us equal in the eyes of the Lord….using our blessings to provide all who join us in Eucharist with a heart-felt sense of family and communion. For the Lord has brought you to our door….you are a stranger here but once.

August 18, 2019
Lk: 12:49-53

No politics or religion discussed here

Political elections can bring out the best and worst in people. Despite a growing cynicism, polls show that our individual opinions are still deeply held and strongly defended. Many of our political allegiances are formed early in life, by ethical, moral and religious codes. As we mature we may find ourselves on the opposite political side from spouses, children or friends. In fact, the combustible subject of politics has been banned from many dinner tables for fear it will permanently sever otherwise peaceful relationships.  

If politics divides our households, how can the gospel do less? Jesus’ message evokes powerful responses, whether positive or negative. What we feel depends on where we stand, for Him or against Him. As today’s gospel says, He has come to draw the battle lines and each of us must choose. It won’t always be easy to stand with Him. We may be the only one holding up His banner in our family. We may find ourselves estranged from people we love and respect for His sake. But He offers us this comfort: He is standing beside us, arms open, waiting for them too.

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More than the best

Jesus tells us that it isn’t enough to put Him ahead of what is worst in your life, or what is mediocre in your life; to be really committed means to place Him above even the best things in your life. Value Him more than even those things that are finest in your life. Think of it. Could you put commitment to God above love for your family? Would you be able to commit yourself more to Christ than to your job, status, income, and your home? This is the kind of devotion Jesus is asking for here. Our best for His best. Who could ask for more, or give less?