April 8, 2018

Weekly Bulletin – PDF | Ministry Schedules 


His mercy shines… 

     “Among the attributes of God, although they are all equal, mercy shines with even more brilliance than justice.”


Deepest Prayerful Gratitude to each and everyone who helped decorate our church, adopted-a-flower as well as served, ministered and attended our services. Your caring and prayerfulness give beautiful witness to Resurrection Light. Ditto Thanks to our parish family member, Joe Hayes and Clear-View Window Cleaning, who volunteered to make our exterior church glass vestibule sparkle. “Double Thumbs Up!”


Coming Soon: “Resurrection” to the kneelers in our pews!


Update from Social Concerns Bus Program

Currently, we have one parish family member participating in our bus ride program… which has raised over $1,000 from our shirt/hoodie sales. Funds not used for riders will also be used for Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving Food Baskets for those in need. Deepest Prayerful Gratitude for supporting our clothing sales which are solely used for social concern needs of our parish family.

Faith Formation / Ministry News

Faith Formation Classes will be held as usual this week.

Ministry Schedules for April/May are available for pick-up in the Sacristy and are on our parish website.

Prayer Shawl Meeting and Work Session will be held on Tuesday, April 10th at 6PM in the church hall. All are invited and welcome to join our ministry. If someone you know needs a prayer shawl please contact the rectory. If you aren’t able to attend a meeting, but want to donate a lap robe, shawl or afghan, please contact the rectory office. Thanks!

Deepest Prayerful Gratitude from the Prayer Shawl Ministry to everyone for their recent generous donations!


Visits to the Sick & Homebound

If you or a relative are admitted to a hospital, please notify the Admissions Office that you are a member of St. John’s Parish, Larksville. If admitted to Geisinger Hospital, you also need to the notify the rectory if you would like a visit. Also, please make sure that the patient signs the Hippa form. This is necessary so that when we contact the hospital we know who from our parish is a patient. We cannot visit a patient with referrals other than family members. Relatives also need to call the Rectory, when the patient is admitted, to inform us of anyone admitted to a nursing home, rehabilitation center or hospital so we can visit them. Thanks for helping us to help others.

Video for “Relics of the Passion” coming soon. – Watch Bulletin for details!

Capital Campaign Payments are due. Please place payment in an envelope marked “Capital Campaign” and drop in the collection basket or send to the rectory. Thank you!

Easter Collection – Deepest Prayerful Gratitude to all who donated so generously last weekend. Our Easter Collection has amounted to $9,811.20 thus far.

Please Note the Diocesan Insert regarding Reporting Sexual Abuse of a Minor which is to be published monthly in our bulletin.


After suffering one of the greatest injustices known in history, it would seem that Jesus had every reason to bring down vengeance upon those who had treated him with such unfairness. But instead of vengeance, he spoke of peace. To us this may seem odd. For many of us, almost from the beginning of our lives, we are taught that the response to violence must be revenge. But does this have to be the case?

Many of us remember the day when Pope John Paul II was shot in St. Peter’s Square. Did he seek revenge on the one who shot him? No; when the pope recovered, he visited his wouldbe assassin in prison, bringing with him the peace that comes through reconciliation. When this occurred, many in the world were stunned by what seemed to be an unbelievable gesture. They were stunned because this is simply not what the world has come to expect. In his gesture of reconciliation, the pope showed himself as an embodiment of the actions of Christ on that first Easter evening. Today is a day to ponder the fact that Jesus Christ sought to exact no revenge for the way he was treated. Instead he inspired in his followers, and inspires within us, a deep commitment to peace.