April 15, 2018

Weekly Bulletin – PDF | Ministry Schedules


Sympathy is extended to the families of Clara Kollar, Irene Parsons and Stanley Zielen, our parish family members, and Lorraine Dobransky, aunt of our parish family member, Mary Ellen Novick. Please remember Clara, Irene, Stanley and Lorraine in prayer, along with their family and friends, during the difficult time of loss, pain and adjustment.




Prayerful Congrats to Dorothy & Jerry Stone s they celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary.



1st Banns of Marriage are announced between David Brozena of our parish family and Allison Scalzo of St. Joseph Marello, Pittston.





Coming Soon: “Resurrection” to the kneelers in our pews!



Please Note: The Rectory Office will be closed on Friday, April 20th & Monday, April 23rd. In case of emergency, please leave your name & phone # with our Answering Service.

Faith Formation / Ministry News

Faith Formation Classes will be held as usual this week.

Prayerful Congrats to our 1st Eucharist Class, their families and Catechists who celebrated Enrollment Sunday last weekend. Please keep them in your prayers during this beautiful time of preparation for 1st Eucharist.

Meeting for Pastoral Council Members on Tuesday, April 24th at 6:30PM in our Church Hall with Mary Anne Malone, our Diocesan Facilitator.


Prayer Shawl Meeting and Work Session was held on Tuesday, April 10th. The date & time of our next meeting will be announced in an upcoming bulletin. All are invited and welcome to join our ministry. If someone you know needs a prayer shawl please contact the rectory. Your help is needed: 11 Afghans are left from this year’s bazaar, 39 will be needed for next year.  If you aren’t able to attend a meeting, but want to donate a lap robe, shawl or afghan, please contact the rectory office. Thanks!

Baptismal Instruction – The next class will be held on Monday, May 7th at 7PM in the church hall. If you are expecting or recently had a baby, please call the rectory office to register for this class.

Visits to the Sick & Homebound

If you or a relative are admitted to a hospital, please notify the Admissions Office that you are a member of St. John’s Parish, Larksville. If admitted to Geisinger Hospital, you also need to the notify the rectory if you would like a visit. Also, please make sure that the patient signs the Hippa form. This is necessary so that when we contact the hospital we know who from our parish is a patient. We cannot visit a patient with referrals other than family members. Relatives also need to call the Rectory, when the patient is admitted, to inform us of anyone admitted to a nursing home, rehabilitation center or hospital so we can visit them. Thanks for helping us to help others.

Video for “Relics of the Passion” coming soon. – Watch Bulletin for details!

Capital Campaign Payments are due. Please place payment in an envelope marked “Capital Campaign” and drop in the collection basket or send to the rectory. Thank you!

Update from Social Concerns Bus Program – Currently, we have one parish family member participating in our bus ride program… which has raised over $1,000 from our shirt/hoodie sales. Funds not used for riders will also be used for Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving Food Baskets for those in need. Deepest Prayerful Gratitude for supporting our clothing sales which are solely used for social concern needs of our parish family.

Parish Logo T-Shirts and Polo Shirts –  On display in our vestibule this weekend are samples of our parish logo t-shirts and polo shirts in royal blue which help to support the efforts of our Social Concerns Committee. For more information, please call Judy at 570-430-9804 or Barbara at 570-779-4176. Deepest Prayerful Gratitude to all who make this possible.

Thank you for participating in CRS Rice Bowl! – We changed lives this Lent, thanks to You! If you have not yet returned your contribution, you may still do so by next weekend, April 21/22. Thank you for your generous support.


Two years ago, following the death of my youngest sister at the age of 37, I felt the need to be surrounded with reminders of her life and accomplishments. Her final months spent battling an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis were months when her body simply wasted away. After her death I felt a strong need to place photos in my office cubicle and in my home—photos showing my sister in her earlier years as a vibrant, healthy, and sparkling young woman.

About a year after my sister’s death, I was visiting another sister and noticed that she had only two photos of our late sister in her home. One photo had been taken years earlier and showed our sister as a vital young woman. The other was taken a few months before her death. In that photo, she was in her wheelchair, pale, thin, and feeble. My sister told me that she always wanted to be reminded of the health and the sickness and death, since these were the realities that made our late sister who she really was. This was a moment of great insight for me. Now when I remember my sister, I try to remember her from images of her strong years, as well as images of her final months and dying days. The totality of these images makes up who my sister was.