August 12, 2018

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Jackson Francis Bozinko – was welcomed into our faith through the Sacrament of Baptism last weekend. Prayerful Baptismal Congrats to his parents, godparents, family and friends.


Prayerful Birthday Wishes to Marie Sickler, mother of Fr. Bob Sickler, as she celebrates 98 years of Our Lord’s Blessings and to Dolores McDonough, as she celebrates 92 years of Our Lord’s Blessings! Greetings can be sent to Dolores at 5 Boardwalk, Sinking Spring, PA 19608


Holy Day of Obligation: Mary’s Feast of the Assumption – Wednesday, August 15th. Vigil Mass will be on Tuesday, August 14th at 5:30PM. Masses on the Assumption will be at 7AM & 9AM. Bring Flowers & Herbs for Blessing in honor of Mary’s Assumption.

Reminder: This weekend, there is an 11:30PM Mass on Saturday after our Bazaar. Thank you for adjusting your schedules.

Please Note: The Rectory Office will be closed until Tuesday, August 14th. Thank You!

Faith Formation / Ministry

If you have not registered your child for Faith Formation (grades K-8), please fill out a form, available in our church vestibule. No payment is required until the start of classes in the fall. Any parochial school students entering 2nd grade should register for Faith Formation classes so they will be contacted for parent meetings and when the students will begin participating in Sacrament Preparation Classes.


Prayer Shawl Meeting and Work Session will be held on Thursday, August 16th at 6PM in the church hall. All are invited and welcome to join our ministry. If someone you know needs a prayer shawl please contact the rectory. If you aren’t able to attend a meeting, but want to donate a lap robe, shawl or afghan, please contact the rectory office. Thanks!


Bazaar Clean-Up – Help is needed at our picnic grounds Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8AM-12Noon & 6-8PM.  Everyone, all ages, both male & female.

Your help is needed and greatly appreciated!


Deepest Prayerful Gratitude for welcoming our missionary, Fr. Devadas Siddipogula. $1,202.00 was raised for the Kurnool Diocese in India.


Capital Campaign Payments are due. Please place payment in an envelope marked “Capital Campaign” and drop in the collection basket or send to the rectory. Thank you!

Fast food vs. Eternal food

Manna came once a day. It couldn’t be kept. It was a blessing from God, but it wasn’t enduring. Jesus, however, is the bread of God coming down out of heaven that gives lasting life. His words, his life, his body, his truth, are our sustenance. He gives life that never ends. Eat and be filled, eat and find eternal life.

No more fear

Because of Jesus Christ, death is no longer fearsome. We can look through the event of our death to a life of eternal happiness with the Father. Mary, our model, assumed body and soul into heaven, enjoys now what we have been promised. We look first to her Son, Jesus, but also to Mary; to enflesh for us the meaning and plan of the Divine. She is “one of us,” and we look to Her with love. We ask Her intercession on our behalf when we face our death. We can picture Her, present body and soul in heaven, as we say the Nicene Creed.  “We look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.”